Pray for Peace

Good Evening Gentle Readers

I ask all who see this post to pray for peace and justice in our world. In a time of senseless violence let us support the cause of justice and human dignity, let us put aside all of the love of power and turn back to the power of love.

Pope, Bishops, Demand End to Nicaraguan Violence over Social Security Reform


Ines San Marin

April 23, 218

ROME – As tensions continue to rise in Nicaragua, with over two dozen people killed by Daniel Ortega’s government forces on Saturday, Catholic bishops in the country have a clear message: stop the violence and stop the repression, because we’re with the people.

Pope Francis joined their voices on Sunday, during his weekly address after praying the Regina Coeli with thousands who’d gathered in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square.

I’m very worried over what’s happening these days in Nicaragua, where, following a social protest, clashes took place that even caused some victims,” he said.

I express my closeness in prayer to that beloved country, and I join the bishops in asking for an end to any type of violence,” Francis said, adding that every “useless spilling of blood must be stopped,” and the issues at hand need to be resolved “peacefully and with a sense of responsibility.”

Since Wednesday, massive protests have been taking place in Nicaragua, mostly headed by young people, who are against a recently announced reform of the social security system. The government measures raised the contribution of workers and employers while reducing future pensions, which has led to one of the biggest crises in the Ortega administration.

Ortega has been president of Nicaragua since 2007. Left-leaning, he’s the leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, named after Augusto César Sandino, who led the Nicaraguan resistance against the United States occupation of Nicaragua in the 1930s

On Sunday, he withdrew changes to the social security system that triggered deadly protests.

Speaking about the protesters, the majority of whom were students, one bishop called them the “moral reservoir” of the country, while others insist that the Church’s position is not that of opposition to the government, but of support of the people.

I would like to thank you, in the name of the Church, because you are the moral reservoir that we have,” said Bishop Silvio Baez, the auxiliary of Managua, the country’s capital city. “You have woken the nation up.”

The prelate was addressing a group of some 2,000 students who on Saturday were protesting Ortega’s regime. They were gathered in the cathedral of Managua.

The previous day, Baez had promised the Catholic clergy was not going to “leave the young people who are in the cathedral alone, we’re going to protect them against everything.”

On Saturday, Baez also said that because of his critical view when it comes to political issues, he’d gone to the cathedral with Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes and the clergy from the diocese. When they arrived on the ground, the students applauded.

Addressing the youth gathered, he said that the Catholic Church is supporting their cause because it’s “fair,” and urged them not to be manipulated by political ideologies because their cause is one of “social justice.”

Be careful,” he said, according to various local reports. “Do not be blinded by political ideologies. The cause you have is one of social justice. Pope [Francis] has said this repeatedly: ideologies are harmful, because they have a partial view of reality.”

We have to be attentive when it comes to ideologies, because they search for their own interests, economic and political,” Baez said. “And Pope [Francis] has said a very important thing regarding ideologies: ideologies think in the name of the people, but they aren’t willing to allow the people to think.”

The prelates visited the cathedral a day after violent clashes between protesters and the police force, which took place in the area surrounding the cathedral. On Saturday, the clashes became even more violent, resulting in the death of at least two dozen people, over 80 wounded, and several whom, at the time of this report, remain unaccounted for.

The twitter account “SOS Nicaragua,” said on Saturday night local time that the auxiliary bishop had “defended and protected students, the resources and the medical personnel inside the cathedral,” defending “the house of God and its principles.”

Journalist Mario Rueda, also on Twitter, stated that a nun and a priest negotiated with the Sandinistas to leave the area surrounding the cathedral, avoiding further clashes, this time between two factions of civil society.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Baez was very active on Twitter, sharing news reports on the rising tensions in Nicaragua, denouncing shots being fired in different parishes, and re-posting quotes attributed to him, presumably during his address to the youth in the cathedral, including one that said: “History depends not only on the will of the powerful, but above all, on the capacity of the peoples to organize.”

Luis Herrera, rector of the cathedral, said on Saturday that agents of the National Police went into the church’s grounds “shooting their weapons,” something the security force denied, despite evidence reported by journalists on the ground.

The government is censoring the press, including shutting down the national network for transmitting images of the protests. Images shared through social media, however, showed police officers firing tear gas and other projectiles into the Catholic cathedral.

Denying responsibility, Ortega said on Saturday that “small groups of the opposition” are behind the violence, as they “conspire against the model of alliances, because they think that they can take the government and they don’t care at what price.”

The situation in the country began deteriorating on Wednesday, but became even worse when, on Saturday morning, the Central American nation woke up to find the army deployed in several cities.

On Friday, the United Nations High Commission for Human rights urged the authorities to avoid further attacks against the protesters and the media. By then, according to the government, three people had been killed in the violent clashes, and dozens had already been wounded.

The UN office also expressed concern over the fact that news outlets were being closed for covering the protests, and called for the protection of both the protesters and journalists. However, a reporter was among those killed on Saturday, gunned down as he was doing a Facebook Live.

The Nicaraguan State has to fulfill its international obligations to guarantee that the people can freely exercise their rights of freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful gathering and association,” a government spokesman said.

In a statement released on Friday, the Nicaraguan bishops’ conference rejected the reforms to the social security system and expressed its support of the “scream of the Nicaraguan youth.”

Saying that walking back a decision is a “sign of humanity,” the bishops urged the government to dialogue with the different sectors to solve the conflict, warning that it can become worse if the needed actions aren’t taken on time.

Rejecting the government’s oppression, the bishops also urged the people to continue raising their voice against the measures, exercising their right to protest peacefully, something defended both by “civic and evangelic values.”

There are social sins that no human being can ignore,” they wrote.


Sitting at Home

Good Evening Gentle Readers

Well the day is done and I am sitting at home feeling well pretty good. I went in to work this morning feeling pretty rough, I did not sleep well the night before and yesterday I took a huge fall on the sheet of ice that my city has become, so I spent yesterday limping and my backside felt like it had been used by an NFL team for kicking practice. Somewhere during the day I started to crave Mac and Cheese casserole but not just any old cheese casserole, something spectacular so I thought about how to make that happen. Cindy Lou normally cooks when I am work so I had to kind of convince her to let me cook. Lots of texts later I am starting to plan dinner, and it’s off to the store after work.

Wandering through the store I talk to a old man about how “You can’t get any good cereals anymore” I think he just wanted to talk to someone so after talking about mini wheats, and the instant cinnamon oatmeal I am off to get what I need…. Problem is I don’t really know what that is. For me cheese casserole is just well macaroni, and that’s it, but that doesn’t take it to spectacular. While looking around in the cheese section a older women says “Spicy Cheese” for casserole, so we chat for a bit and I get a bag (God help me) of nacho cheese mix and a packet of taco spice. In the next aisle a two guys say add a can of cheese soup to make it creamy, so that’s in the cart…. On the way out I find my Snoopy Hot Wheels hot rod for my son, I think I want it more than he does but its only a buck at the grocery store, ( just so you know at walmart its thirty, amazon says thirty to)….

I get home and the hot rod is a huge hit with my big guy, he spends twenty minutes playing with it (Cindy Lou says he is introducing it to the rest of the hot wheels). Then I make dinner, and wow did that ever work, huge hit, (I will post the recipe later under Super Mac). I set up my coffee perk and do the dishes, Cindy Lou is reading to my son and playing with him, she is such a perfect mom. I sit down and now I am listening to old eighties music and feeling very good about myself, I worked hard, I made dinner and I made my wife and son happy, win, win, win….

When I reflect  back on the day it was a bunch of really good things. My customers were good, my coworkers backed me up, and strangers helped me make a great dinner. I hope Pinewood girl gets over her fall on the ice, pulled muscles and chipped bones, arg, she is in my prayers…..

Have a good night my gentle readers, eat something nice, love someone, as many as you can, pray a bit, and don’t forget to say thanks…..

Good days can be hard to find…

Take Care and God Bless

Good Enough

Sign’s Sign’s Every Where’s a Sign

Good Morning Gentle Readers

I stayed up way to late last night and now its massive amounts of coffee to get going….

Cindy Lou is still sort of asleep and my big man is in his crib, still in the land of baby dreams….

I do wonder sometimes what he dreams about….

In today’s Gospel the people ask Jesus for a sign, they say Moses gave us manna from heaven what will you do? I get that they are leery of Jesus, in his time messiahs were a dime a dozen just like they are now, and haven’t we all had enough of people saying that they will make things right only to make them worst.

Jesus reminds them that it was not Moses who gave them manna, but God who gave, and he lets them know who he is, the bread of life, again from the Father who loves us all.

It’s hard to see God in the world sometimes, we can’t go to the market and see Jesus curing the sick or feeding the thousands, but we can look for him in the little thing’s, and we can look to the mass to see the everyday miracle, the Lord of all creation hidden in a sliver of bread….

Take Care and God Bless

Good Enough


Air Conditioner

Good Evening Gentle Readers

This is an old post, lots of years have passed on this one

Air Conditioner

I was working with the St Vincent De Paul delivering food vouchers to people in Cambridge and one afternoon I met a lady during one of my deliveries. She was an older person, maybe in her late seventies the majority of her family had passed away years before and she was living in a small one bedroom apartment in an older building. What caught my attention right off was that she had emphysema and needed oxygen to breathe. We spoke briefly and I gave her the voucher, she then told me that she had no way of getting to the store until her son dropped in on her so I had her give me a list of things that she needed and I went for her. When I returned with her groceries I realized how hot and stuffy her apartment was and I thought to myself that if I was living there that even I would have problems with the heat, we spoke about the problem for a bit and then I left. That night I was back in my apartment, which was nice and cool due to the large windows and a floor fan that I kept running pretty much all summer, I could not get the idea of this poor woman sitting in her small, hot apartment out of my mind. I could not stop thinking about her in her small very hot apartment dragging her oxygen bottle around dying in the heat.

A few of my friends came over that night to play cards and as the evening went on I told them about her and the problem with the heat, after a while we were discussing the lack of concern that the social services seemed to have with the people they worked with, the discussion became very political but in the back of my mind I kept thinking that the politics of poverty were not really an issue for this lady, the heat was, at that point I made a decision to actively deal with the problem. Talking about poverty and the suffering of others is a good thing, it makes you aware of the problems that people face but it is only part of the solution actually getting into relationship with people, actually doing something about the world that we all have to live in is the other part of the equation.

I spoke to my friends about how lucky and blessed we all were to be able to take care of our loved ones and our own needs. I spoke to them about the compassion that we all feel for our families and how we take care of them and then I told them about the lady I had met in more detail, and the fact that it was up to those who knew her story to help her. We talked about our responsibility to those around us and what the real value of community is and by the end of the night we had a plan to help my new friend. Looking back at that conversation I am struck by the fact that people who did not know her, had never met her could be moved at all by her story and I believe that it is a work of the Holy Spirit that allows people to feel for those they do not know, for those that they have not met but somehow are touched and moved into action.

The next day I went to the apartment building were the lady lived and spoke with her landlord about air conditioning, telling him that modern air conditioners use very little electricity and that they could be put in without causing any damage to windows or sills. He agreed that he would not put her rent up because of the increased use of power and that a small air conditioner would not do any damage to his window. I called my friends and we spoke about getting her a small window unit to cool her apartment, everyone wanted to contribute, which I was very impressed with. A day or so later I was back with a couple of my friends to give her a gift. I rang her apartment and told her who I was and she let us in, when we got up to her rooms she was astonished with the gift that we had brought. I am not in any way mechanically minded so putting in the air conditioner was left up to one of my friends, it went in quickly and easily and in just a little bit of time her apartment was pleasantly cool. She thanked us for the gift and said that she would she would think of us whenever she used it. As we were leaving I asked my friends how they felt about giving this stranger something that she truly needed without counting the cost of it, to a man there response was very positive, we had stepped over the line of being concerned about a problem to doing something about it.

A number of months later she passed away, her son gave me a call and told me that he had a letter for me from her and that I could come and pick up both the letter and the air conditioner at her old apartment which he was packing up. I went over, feeling very sad that she had died and that I would not see her again as she was a very nice person who even though was suffering with illness had always had a cheerful attitude and a strong faith. When I got there even going up the stairs was difficult for me, I found myself wondering if there had been anything else that I should have done for her, something that might have made her time better or somehow changed what had happened. I spoke with her son for a bit, we swapped a few stories about her and he handed me the letter that she had written and asked if I would help him to take the air conditioner out of the window. I told him that if he wanted to take it that he could and that I did not need it. He smiled and told me that his mother had mentioned while she was in hospital that the next person who lived in her apartment would certainly appreciate the cool in the summer months. We talked for a bit more and then I had to leave, my emotions were starting to get the better of me and I felt that would make it harder on her son if I got all emotional. As I was leaving her son told me that he had always felt that he had disappointed his mother and I corrected him by telling him that she had told me on a number of occasions how proud she was of him, he had always tried to do his best and that she knew that he had a good heart. As I drove away I looked back at the air conditioner in the window and wondered if the next person to live there would know how important a person had lived there before them, in the small apartment that was way too hot.

These events taught me a few things about what ministry really is, not the least of which is that ministry is never something that we do on our own. Ministry is what happens when we are given to grace to see what is going on around us, where the needs are and given the heart to act on those needs. Ministry never takes place in a vacuum you can’t do it without it impacting who you are or what you think and it has a way of impacting those around you, bringing them in to the action of ministry and opening up their hearts to what is going on. For the longest time I believed that ministry was a liturgical action performed by ordained men in a church on Sunday morning, and while the ministry of the priesthood is a very powerful thing having deep and profound effects on those who are exposed to it, it is not the only way that ministry takes place. Ministry is when our hearts overflow with the love that God has given us. This overflowing causes us to come to an understanding of who we are and with who God is and that, in a way, forces us into action. That love causes us to want to be closer to God and we very quickly find out that one of the roads to that closeness is in sending that love out into the world to be poured on all of our brothers and sisters. For me that’s ministry I don’t need to be ordained or even in a vowed consecrated life, though that does make doing ministry easier, I just need to be open to where God is leading me and to who he is letting me meet, the rest is just letting go of the selfishness and fear that live in the human heart and letting that love of God out, letting God be God.

I have been asked a number of times over the last few years where I want to go and what I want to do, my answers have ranged all over the place but the best one so far, and the one that I hold on to the most is that I want to be a hammer in God’s tool box, a simple old hammer. If you look in any tool box you will see it, it’s old with a few dents from usage perhaps a bit worn in spots but still a hammer. In my hands a hammer is a blunt forceful tool that might drive a nail straight, or it might not. I might be able to fix something with it but odds are that I also might cause more harm than good to whatever I am working on. A hammer in God’s hands however is a totally different thing. Yes it is still a tool, but God is a master at building and with God swinging the hammer, motivating the actions anything is possible. In God’s hands the hammer becomes a Stradivarius and the work that gets done becomes a masterwork. I am not qualified to do any sort of ministry, but God is and when God is in action things happen, lives are touched and changed, when we are open to what God is doing then we get to see what ministry really is. There was a friar by the name of Mychal Judge who created a wonderful prayer that I use very often, “Lord, take me where you want me to go, let me meet who you want me to meet, tell me what you want me to say and, keep me out of your way”. This prayer to me describes to me what ministry is at its heart.

For me ministry is what happens when you are looking at what God is doing all around you and getting involved in what that is. It is seeing the face of God in all of creation; it’s seeing God in all of God’s children and getting into relationship with them regardless of whom or where they are. We are all on a journey, all on a pilgrimage; ministry is what you do while you are on that road.

Take Care and God Bless

Good Enough

So Your New Around Here

Good Evening Gentle Readers

I started writing this in the morning but had to finish it after work…

So here you go…

April 16 2018

Its Monday I slept in, which makes sense I was up till midnight with my wife Cindy Lou, not here real name of course but Good Enough is not my name either. She had a bit of a stomach thing going on and our little one, I will call him Big Man had a hard time falling asleep as well, up til nearly eleven. I got to thinking while all of that was going on, you don’t really have an idea of who I am, and that’s a bit of a story in itself.

I am a man, fifty four years old who has been a lot of things. I was a solider in my teen years. I travelled about a lot and made a lot of fiends. Then I was a bouncer, then a waiter, then a cook in a twenty four hour restaurant, I worked with close friends and met my first wife, who I was married to for fifteen, sixteen years, that ended badly by the way but that’s a story for another time. I started working in plumbing wholesale as a receiver and from there I just kept moving up. Over time me and the first wife split up, we never should have gotten together in the first place. I had thought, mistakenly, that marriage would “fix it” but no, that’s so not true, so I end up single and so deeply in debit that it takes me four or five years of sixty hour weeks to dig myself out. I did a ton of work, my whole life became how much can you make and how fast.

Over this time I did become a hermit pretty much, just work and more work but I got out of debit and the company I was working for really, really liked me. Then things took a really big left turn. I found that my life while good was really empty. I had friends and family that I saw once in a blue moon, I had money in the bank and I had managed to pay off some monstrous debit that my ex wife had put up, but at the end of the day my life felt well, vacant. I was in it but not in it.

Then things got really strange……

I will put the details in another post later…..

A need to connect took me to the Saint Vincent Depaul society. At the start I had agreed to one hour a week, but as these things go one thing led to another. I found myself doing favours for the parish community, then it was visiting the sick, then it was volunteering at the local homeless shelter, then it grew. I took a lay ministry course with the diocese and some where in that I started to pray and pray more. I was now just as busy outside of work as in it. I could see the need all around me and I could hear the gospel in my ears, “When did we see you hungry Lord.” After a year or two of this I had to make a decision so I ended up joining a religious order. I gave away all I owned, my car furniture, books everything and showed up in Toronto with two bags of clothes and that all. I went from Toronto to Milwaukee for a year, and it was an amazing year. I really lived the life that I had chosen, I spent my time working with the poor and with refugees and living in a tight knit community of like minded men. I worked in Detroit with gangs, in Chicago with drug addicts. My brothers and I use that term literally were in the places that “angels fear to tread” but I don’t think we were really aware of the dangers, just the hardships that people were facing. We helped each other, supported each other and worked toward a gospel life.

Then it was off to Kansas for a waiting period, six months of prayer, reflection and letting my life grow in community. Kansas was hard, without the work I had too much time to think, to wonder if I was good enough.

Then New York city for more time, this time it was learning how to live in cultures that you don’t know and learning that people, no matter how different, no matter of how far outside of your experience they might be are all one people under God. Learning that we are all God’s children and how to deal with that in a real way.

Then Pittsburgh for a year and again I was put in a place where I was, well, not in my element. I worked with children who were described as medically fragile. Most of them had no speech and for me, a talker, it was a real challenge to learn how to communicate in their world and not mine. It was also the most spiritual place that I have ever been, love just flowed in the halls, and even in all of the suffering that was there, all of the pain, and yes, even death you could you feel the hand of God just making it so that everyone knew they were loved.

Pittsburgh taught me so much, showed me so much and it was the children who were the teachers.

The back to Toronto, and from the moment I showed up, they forgot to pick me up at the airport, I knew something was different. There was no community, there was no love of the Gospels and even though I continued to do the work, I worked with refuges and with the homeless and I met people and I walked with them in there lives. I knew that I could not keep it up without community. I went to university and I made friends and I learned the formality of Theology, which I know has it’s place but it seemed strange to me. I took courses around ministry and around homelessness which expanded my view and in a real way opened my heart even more, but it just kept getting harder and harder to do the work alone in a system that seemed more concerned about the appearance that the substance. In all of the places I had been it was the word and the work that mattered, here it was how much time off you could get, and how many perks you could give yourself. I could not do it. I made yet again another decision, I would leave and make my own way, then God changed the game yet again.

I was preparing to go, I was looking a jobs back in my home town, I had worked out a place to stay and my plans were coming to a head, then something I never saw coming. I fell in love, really deeply in love and I knew that I had to have that in my life. I left and started to rebuild, it was hard a first, I was away from the woman I had met who had shown me that after years of life without love that I could have it. I think we we both miserable but she kept me going, and once again my faith was deepened. It took us over a year to move in together, we found a little apartment and as it goes, our family grew, we had a son, a boy who once again has shown me what God can do when he is allowed to work.

Now I am at a place in my life where I feel that it is time to once again take up the other work, God’s work and that’s who I am and where I am.

To all who read through all of this thank you for your time….

I will be writing more very soon..

Til then…

Take Care and God Bless

Good Enough

Old Post


I told you I would be putting up some old posts well here is one


Take Care and God Bless

Good Enough

Good Night Owl

November 21, 2015

Good Evening Gentle Readers

So today Cindy Lou and I went out to pick up some stuff, do some shopping, get gas for the car, you know the regular things that you do on a Saturday but something strange happened. We went into a department store to pick up a wrist watch and while we were there we started to look at more baby stuff. Cindy Lou as you know is almost six months pregnant and we have been picking up this that and everything that we lay our hands to for the expected arrival of who we are at the moment lovingly calling Baby. So we grab a box of newborn diapers, little size one, earlier in the day I had bought some more cute baby clothes which we both loved and it seemed right to have a look for more serious stuff. While looking I came across a book called “Goodnight Owl”, it’s one of those story books that you read to your child when you put them to bed, and I was just going to have a look at it and put it back but I thought that I would read a page or two to Cindy Lou, to see if I could muster a reading voice that would sound tranquil and calming enough to put a child to sleep.

Now this is one of those cardboard books with cute pictures and a simple repeating dialogue. The story if you could call it one, is about a owl saying goodnight to farm creatures so it’s not sad or happy it’s just saying goodnight in a cute way, for example the owl sits on a window in the hen house and says “Mother hen waiting in the hay, call your chicks it’s the end of the day” then the owl says, “Goodnight hen” and the hen replies “Goodnight Owl”. You get the idea, it’s just cute, so the owl says goodnight to the hen and her chicks, a dog and her puppies, a lamb with a baby lamb, a cow and her calf, a blue bird and her chicks, a baby bunny and her mother, and then a tiny child in bed, suddenly I am filled with emotions that I can’t control. So there I am standing in a big department store weeping with Cindy Lou standing there trying to sort what just happened.

Now I am not sad at this moment just so filled with a huge mix of emotions that I don’t know what to do. I feel this intense love for Cindy Lou and for Baby; I feel this sense of wonder that I am going to be a Dad as well as a true fear of what this all means. Dad is a really big word and I have very little in my life experience to prepare myself for this, it’s all overwhelming in this moment standing at the end of the diaper aisle trying to hide from the people walking by doing their shopping.

We make our way to the check outs, diapers in hand, my new book pressed to my chest, one hand firmly holding Cindy Lou’s hand as we both try to hold it together long enough to get out of the public eye and it seems like a long time. Even while I am waiting to ring out I want to open the book again just to let all of the emotions I am feeling to the surface. We make our way to the car and I am still drying the tears from my eyes, it’s all so very very much that it’s hard to deal with. I am a private person and this is not at all like me. After a drive I feel like myself again, maybe a little off center but back in the world of rational thought and we still have things to do and I need to be functioning. We get to the laundry mat and I find myself back in a world that is so much more than it was when I got up this morning, maybe I am just coming to understand what is really happening, we are making a family, making the home that I have craved for so long and that has always seemed so impossible to have.

Cindy Lou goes in and starts our laundry and we both walk across the street to a Tim Horton’s for a coffee, from there we go to a Shoppers Drug mart to pick up a thing or two. As we look around the store there are more toys and cute things for children, a dog that barks, sits up and makes cute sounds, a teaching toy that tells you the alphabet, a cute school bus and then a jack in the box of frosty the snowman and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, both of us are walking around in a new world tonight. We finish our laundry and drive home when we get there we end up sitting in the car in the dark talking about how we feel and where we are headed, it’s a powerful moment again.

With our stuff all in the apartment and the pets calmed down things start to settle, I go into the baby’s room just to be there for a second. Cindy Lou has been building the room for weeks, we have a bassinet, a crib, toys, clothes, and more stuffed animals than you can shake a stick at and now a big box of diapers. As I look at the room I walk over to the crib and lean my arms on it. It’s a beautiful crib, dark wood and sturdy; we picked it up from a wonderful couple that Cindy Lou found. As I look at the empty crib I can picture our child laying there, wonderful and sweet, waiting for me to stand up to my role as father, I can feel the weight of the world and an incredible joy knowing that it will be our time, our family and our love that takes us forward….

I hope and pray that you can feel all that I have felt tonight as the snow falls softly on the window of the empty baby’s room, just getting ready to amaze her. The world waiting for her smile and her light to enter it, I hope and pray that I am ready, I hope and pray that I can live up to her and to Cindy Lou and to the wonderful gift that I have no words to express the joy that I have found….

Thank you Lord, thank you Cindy Lou, Thank you Baby

I Love you

Take Care and God Bless

Good Enough

Well Hi

Good Evening All

Hi I am Good Enough and his is my new blog…. It is a continuation of a blog I started years ago so there will be a bunch of old posts, and of course a bunch on new posts. The blog is about a lot of things, religion, family life, cooking, hockey and well just life over all.

I hope you can stop by from time to time, have a coffee, sit and relax and not only let me rant away but leave a comment or two….


Take Care and God Bless

Good Enough