A Visit

May 19 2018

Good Evening Gentle Readers

I had planned a fun family day with my wife Cindy Lou and my two year old son, the Big Man. It was supposed to be all about fun, all about us as a family. Now to put his in perspective a bit I normally work Saturday mornings from eight am to twelve noon, I am still sort of the new guy at my job and the extra money does help out so normally its work, groceries, running around, then home a movie or so and bed on Saturday, but today I did not have to work because of the long weekend. So we wake up and it’s a day off.

Cindy Lou had gone out on Thursday and picked up socks, sixty pairs of them, to drop off at a local shelter. I think she had planned to drop them off next week so when I volunteered to do it this morning it became a family thing. We drove downtown and got to the shelter. I have worked in a number of shelters over the years and one of the bad parts of them is that in the morning, rain or shine you are out the door so there was a good crowd of folks just milling about trying to stay out of the rain.

We met Kyle, a really nice fellow who had stayed overnight at the shelter, he not only helped us drop off the socks but when we struck up a conversation with him he ran back inside to get the big man a Popsicle, which was a story in itself. Kyle is a roofer by trade and working, just not making enough to find an apartment in the city so the shelter is the only choice for now. He was so personable and friendly I wished I could have spent longer talking to him. He was also taken with the Big Man who had no qualms about giving a high five and his great smile to this stranger. We shared a moment, a time and when it was done we went on our way. I am sure that we brightened the day for a few of the folks at the shelter.

Cindy Lou and I met at an outreach so for both of us it was really a walk back to where it began, and yes for both of us it was a visit home.

So its off to the local farmer’s market, Cindy Lou and I never get to go because of my work schedule so this is a real treat. The Big man gets a huge sugar cookie from the “Cookie Queen” and he is thrilled and as we go through the various stalls of home grown vegetables and hand made sausages I notice how nice everyone is. Even with the gray skies and crowd, everyone has a smile and a nice word or two for myself and my family. Our last stop is a favourite of mine, a United Church that on market day sells home made apple dumplings in hot caramel sauce. They are made and served by the church ladies who also sell home made pies, which just by the way, are just the best. So I find a table and we sit down while I go to get my apple dumplings and all of a sudden in this church basement I see what I like to call community church. The ladies in the kitchen are laughing and joking with each other, there are families sitting together talking and greeting people as they come in, children playing and everyone is being treated as if they are all just old friends in someones kitchen. It’s a bit strange for me, but familiar as well, I just haven’t seen it in a long while.

As they day continues I take a bit of time to thank God for my family, I thank God for showing me that I still have the heart to work with the poor, and I thank God for all he has given me……

Tomorrow I have a trip to the park planned…..

I will watch my Big man play…

I will watch my Cindy Lou smile….

And again I will thank God for all he has given me….

Take Care and God Bless

Good Enough

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